Detention Center Fact Sheet


Downtown Education Center located inside of the CCJJC, Detention Center

Mission Statement

We are a CMSD school that provides a positive learning environment, based on a rigorous curriculum, and opportunities to maintain a high level of achievement utilizing the State of Ohio standards and CMSD pacing guides that prepares students for re-entry into their school of choice.
  • The home schools of students are notified when they enter and leave the facility.
  • Grade cards are issued for students and are sent back to their home schools.
  • Although we do these things there are students that do not attend school outside of our facility. A transitional component ensuring the students return to their home school when they leave would be invaluable.

How many points for a female/male to be admitted?
10 points for females; 15 points for males.


Three nutritious meals are served each day with milk and an evening snack.

How many meals are served a day/week?
800 meals a day including their snack 5500 a week.

How many youth are admitted w/ restrictive diets?
About 15 percent of the residents come in with at least one allergy or more.

Are special meals provided for holidays?
Special meals and programming are provided by volunteers during the holidays.

What's the meal total over a year's span?
In a year depending on our occupancy, we can serve about 300,000 meals a year.

Living Areas/Housing

There has been an increase in programming to educate the residents and provide them with positive reinforcement. Newly admitted residents are provided a thorough orientation by their assigned Social Worker, Unit Manager and Detention Officers. Programs and activities are provided on each house with a focus to improve behavior. The Positive Behavioral Management System is implemented to strengthen the growth and development of residents.
  • Housing Unit 1 – Males, 16.5 yrs. – 17 yrs.
  • Housing Unit 2 – Males, 15 – 16 yrs.
  • Housing Unit 3 – Males, 16 – 17 yrs. & 18 – 21 yrs.
  • Housing Unit 4 – Males, 12 – 14 yrs.
  • Housing Unit 5 – Females, 12 – 18 yrs.


All youth are assessed for communicable illnesses, given an annual Tuberculin test and submit urine for STD testing. STD testing and treatment is provided by the Ohio Department of Health, at no cost to us.
  • HIV tests are offered to those that are positive for an STD or reveal risky behavior to our physicians.
  • We continue medications prescribed by community physicians if, compliance is proven. Such as date of purchase, pill count, verbal acknowledgment by the youth and guardian. The majority of these medications are psycho tropics. Psychiatric issues are a very prevalent within our population. Dental needs are frequently expressed and we are limited to sending only those that demonstrate the most need.
  • Most frequent calls for our department are for minor issues that can be solved with over-the-counter medicines.

Service Providers include Metro Health providing our detained youth with medical services and Catholic Charities Community Services providing Mental Health Services.