Filing and Motion Fees as Security for Costs

No civil action or proceeding shall be accepted by the clerk for filing unless the party or parties filing the action shall have first deposited a sum to secure the payment of costs, except as otherwise provided by law.  Each child constitutes a separate filing.  Therefore, parties will be charged a filing fee for each child. If the filing party is indigent, the party may file a poverty affidavit in lieu of a cash, check or credit card deposit.  The affidavit must clearly state the reason for the party’s inability to prepay costs and the party must verify, with proper documentation, his or her indigent status at the Resource Center on the 2nd floor.

Advance deposits shall be as follows:    

  • New Filings for Paternity/Custody                                  $150.00           per child
  • New Filings for Support                                                $135.00           per child
  • Motion to Determine Custody or Visitation                      $150.00            per child
  • Other Motions                                                              $  20.00           per motion
  • Notices of Appeal                                                         $  40.00           per case 
    • Court of Appeals Filing Fee                                  $175.00           per case
  • Photo Copies                                                                $   0.05            per page
  • Certified Copies                                                            $   1.00            per page
  • Application to Seal a Record                                          No Charge
  • Civil Protection Order                                                   No Charge
  • Application to Expunge a Record                                    $  50.00            per case
  • Special Process Server (Per Year)                                  $  66.00            per person
  • Special Process Server (One-time Request)                     $  35.00            per request
  • Notary Fee                                                                   $   2.00            per signature
In cases with multiple parties, the Clerk may require the party requesting service to advance an amount to the Clerk sufficient to cover costs.

                                                                                                                 Effective: 6/18/18