Shelter Care

Shelter care is an alternative to secure detention. A youth is referred to shelter care by Alternative Detention Programming. Youth stay in shelter care instead of the detention center until their next court appearance or residential placement. Shelter care is staff-secure (not lockdown) and youth wear their own clothing. If your child was referred to shelter care, he/she will go to one of the following, depending on bed availability:
  • Carrington Youth Academy
    (216) 268-2400
    2114 Noble Road
    Cleveland, Ohio 44112
  • Cleveland Christian Home
    (216) 416-4277
    11401 Lorain Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio 44111

1. Shelter care facilities will notify the parent/guardian when the child is placed.

2. In some instances, a child may be released from shelter care into a home-based detention service while awaiting their court appearance.

Please call (216) 443-5079 for further information.