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Local Rules

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas:
Rules of the Juvenile

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Last Updated June 26, 2015

Rule 1. Scope of Rules  
Rule 2. Term of Court and Hours of Court Session  
Rule 3. Conduct in Court  
Rule 4. Media and Public  
Rule 5. Use of juvenile initials  
Rule 6. Administrative Judge  
Rule 7.Magistrates  
Rule 8. Mediation  
Rule 9. Specialized Dockets  

Rule 10. Juvenile Traffic Violations Bureau

Rule11. Reserved  
Rule 12. Citizens Review Board  
Rule 13. Telephonic Orders  
Rule 14. Court Employees shall not Recommend Bondsmen or Attorneys  
Rule 15. Reserved  

Rule 16. Right to Counsel: Court Personnel and Attorneys  
Rule 17. Assistance of Counsel and Guardians ad Litem  
Rule 18. Entry of Appearance  
Rule 19. Guardian ad Litem/Counsel/Attorney of Record  
Rule 20. Guardian ad Litem Written Report  
Rule 21. Communications with Jurist  
Rule 22. Reserved  

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Cases and Records  
Rule 23. Court Records  
Rule 24. Case Management  

Rule 25. Journal Entries

Rule 25.1. Electronically Signed Documents

Rule 26. Facsimile Filing Rule  

Child Support and Custody
Rule 27. Child Support Schedule  
Rule 28. Custody Actions  
Rule 29. Parenting Time/Shared Parenting  
Rule 30. Witness List  
Rule 31. Exhibits  
Rule 32. Reserved  

Rule 33. Detention Services Criteria  
Rule 34. Voluntary Appearance Policy  
Rule 35. Procedure upon Arrest Pursuant to Warrant  
Rule 36. Court Bail Schedule  
Rule 37. Reserved  

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Rule 38. Intake  
Rule 39. Service  
Rule 40. Concurrent Jurisdiction with Other Courts  
Rule 41. Consolidation of Cases  
Rule 42. Security for Costs  
Rule 43. Pretrial Procedure  
Rule 44. Genetic Tests  
Rule 45. Jury Demand  
Rule 46. Pleading and Motions  
Rule 47. Motion to Show Cause and Complaints in Contempt  
Rule 48. Recording of Proceeding, Transcripts, Use of Court Reporters  
Rule 49. Continuances and Advancements  
Rule 50. Attorney Fees  
Rule 51. Juvenile Civil Protection Orders/Juvenile Domestic Violence Protection Orders  
Rule 52. Competency Hearings  

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