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Photo History
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Photo of First Juvenile Court
Circa 1900
The Court of Insolvency was the first home of Juvenile Court, on West 3rd Street, downtown Cleveland.
Photo of Newton D. Baker
Newton D. Baker, the leader of the Cleveland juvenile court movement as Cleveland's City Solicitor in 1901. Later, Mr. Baker served as President Wilson's Secretary of War.
Photo of Courtroom in Old Courthouse
Circa 1907
Juvenile Courtroom in the old courthouse, presided over by Judge George S. Addams (term 1905-1926). 
Drawing of Juvenile Court in 1931
Architectural drawing of the Juvenile Court complex in 1931.  Completed and opened in December 16, 1932.
Judge Harry L. Eastman
Judge Harry L. Eastman (term 1926-1960) planned and oversaw the construction in 1931 of the current Court complex.
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Main Court lobby
Circa 1932
Main Court lobby, Juvenile Court. 
Photo of Juvenile Court on E 22nd St View of juvenile Court along East 22nd Street in Cleveland.  Current home of Juvenile Court. 
Original sleeping unit at the Detention Home attached to and administered by Juvenile Court. 
The original courtroom in the Juvenile Court building.  This courtroom is still in use today by Judge Russo, except the desk has been replaced by a raised bench.
Painting entitled, "Tomorrow," by John Csosz.  This painting was commissioned to be placed in the new Juvenile Court courtroom in 1932, where it still remains. It is an allegorical depiction of court services, "directing children to better things." It was adopted as the logo of the National Association of Juvenile Court Judges in 1937.  
Circa 1933
Original dining room for boys in the Detention Home. 
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Dispensary Office, Detention Home. 
Circa 1934
Facade of the main entrance to Juvenile Court. 
Judge Walter W. Whitlatch
Judge Walter W. Whitlatch (term 1960-1982).
Judges Albert Woldman, Walter Whitlatch, and John Toner enjoying coffee and cake.
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