Community Based Intervention Center (CBIC)

Is an evidence-based, intensive, day treatment program giving participants time to improve their behavior and learn new skills prior to disposition, increasing their chances to successfully remain in the community while on probation. The CBIC program is designed to target youth who are assessed to be moderate to high risk for recidivism. CBIC addresses the criminogenic thinking patterns and behaviors that have impacted the youth’s abilities to function as a productive part of society. This program has been successful in assisting youth who exhibit criminogenic behaviors to make pro-social choices and reduce recidivism. The CBIC program is based on the curriculum of Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention-A Comprehensive Curriculum for Juveniles developed by the University of Cincinnati Corrections Institute. The two distinct parts of the curriculum are cognitive restructuring and social skill interventions, which build upon one another and lay the foundation for problem-solving skill development. The program can vary in length depending on the youth’s participation; approximately 10 to 12 weeks to complete.


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