Magistrates have a significant role at the Juvenile Court. Generally, a hearing before a Magistrate is conducted in the same fashion as a hearing before a Judge. Each Magistrate may (1) issue subpoenas; (2) rule on the admissibility of evidence; and (3) place witnesses under oath and examine them.
Magistrates conduct hearings necessary to decide referred matters. Magistrates' decisions are filed with the Clerk, who is required to serve copies on the parties or their attorneys.
The Juvenile Court employs 27 Magistrates. Each of the six Judges has two Magistrates: one who hears delinquency and unruly matters and one who resolves abuse, dependency, and neglect filings.
The Juvenile Court also employs 15 Magistrates who hear cases for multiple Judges. Six of the court Magistrates hear paternity and support matters. Two conduct hearings with respect to juvenile traffic offenders. Six hear private custody cases where there is no children and family services involvement. There is also one Senior Magistrate.

Administrative Judge Thomas F. O'Malley
(216) 443-8410

Magistrate Mark Stanton
 - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Mark Majer - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Eleanore Hilow -

Judge Nicholas J. Celebrezze
(216) 443-8415  

Magistrate Megan Corsi - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Stephen Miles - A/D/N

  Judge Alison L. Floyd
(216) 443-8405

Magistrate Joseph Jasper - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Pamela Morton - A/D/N
Judge Kristin W. Sweeney
(216) 443-8411 

Magistrate Jeff Ehrbar - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Daniel Bartos - A/D/N
Judge Anne C. McDonough
(216) 443-5839

Magistrate Elissa Mewhinney - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Jodi Wallace - A/D/N

Judge Jennifer L. O'Malley

(216) 443-8407

Magistrate Holly M. Welsh - Delinquency/Unruly

Magistrate Mollie A. Murphy - A/D/N

Senior Magistrate

  • Magistrate Dana Chavers

Support/Paternity Establishment

  • Magistrate Ellen Leonetti (Judges Floyd and J. O'Malley)
  • Magistrate Holley Madigan (Judges Sweeney and McDonough)
  • Magistrate Elizabeth Howe (Judges Celebrezze and T. O'Malley)

Support Enforcement

  • Magistrate Helen Rhynard (Judges Sweeney and McDonough)
  • Magistrate Gerard Kovacik (Judges Floyd and J. O'Malley)
  • Magistrate Kira Sandra Krivosh (Judges Celebrezze and T. O'Malley)

Private Custody

  • Magistrate Lynne Chavers (Judge Sweeney)
  • Magistrate Erica Belden (Judge J. O'Malley)
  • Magistrate Regina Frank (Judge McDonough)
  • Magistrate Thomas Robinson (Judge T. O'Malley)
  • Magistrate Anthony Hurst (Judge Celebrezze)
  • Magistrate Danielle Williams (Judge Floyd) 


  • Magistrate Carla Hatoum (Judges Floyd, McDonough and J. O'Malley) 
  • Magistrate Peter Murray (Judges Sweeney, Celebrezze and T. O'Malley)