Assigned Counsel/GAL


This is NOT the correct information if you are trying to obtain an attorney to assist on your case. 

If you are seeking court-appointed counsel, please contact the Resource Center at (216) 443-3149 for further assistance.


For questions or to submit any of the forms/applications below, please contact:

Sarah Cigic
Deputy Court Administrator/Chief Legal Counsel
9300 Quincy Ave, 4th Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Phone: (216) 443-3370
Fax: (216) 443-3507


To request remote/VPN access to the Court’s Case Management System (iCase), please email the iCase Help Desk at


To submit collateral documentation to the Court’s Diagnostic Clinic for a matter referred for evaluation, please email

Fee Bills and Billing Procedure

For questions, contact either:

Karen Childs                                                    Kia Tolliver

Senior Account Clerk                                       Senior Account Clerk

9300 Quincy Ave, 4th Floor                             9300 Quincy Ave, 4th Floor

Cleveland, Ohio 44106                                    Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Phone: (216) 443-3517                                   Phone: (216) 344-2822

Fax: (216) 443-3507                                        Fax: (216) 443-3507