How do I find an attorney?

If you are indigent you may be eligible for a court appointed attorney. If you think you qualified for a court appointed attorney you should contact the Public Defender’s Office at 443-7295. If you do not qualify for a court appointed attorney you must hire your own attorney. You can contact the Cuyahoga County Metropolitan Bar Association for an attorney referral.

How do I become emancipated?

The State of Ohio does not have an emancipation law and therefore a child cannot become emancipated in Ohio before the age of eighteen.

How do I transfer a case from one county to another county?

Juvenile Rule 11 governs the transfer of the case from one county to another county. If a party wishes to transfer his or her case to or from another county, the party must file a motion in the Juvenile Court who currently has the case.

How do I transfer a case from one State to another State?

A party should consult with an attorney if they want their case transferred from one state to another.

Private Custody and Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Cases-The transfer of these cases are governed by the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act under R.C. 3127.

Delinquency and Unruly Cases- R.C. 2151.56-2151.60 governs the transfer of these cases.

Paternity and Support Cases- The transfer of these cases fall under the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. CSEA, the Cuyahoga County Support Enforcement Agency, can assist you in contacting the other state.

How does a parent obtain visitation rights?

The party would most likely file an Application to Determine Custody or Visitation. The forms are on the Juvenile Court Web Site under "Forms for Custody." Parties are strongly urged to hire an attorney to assist them in this matter. If you do not have counsel, the Juvenile Court Pro Se Clinic located on the second floor of the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center can assist with completing and filing the forms.

How Do I terminate the other a parent’s visitation rights?

The party who wants to terminate visitation should consult with an attorney about terminating the visitation and filing the appropriate motion. If there is an order of visitation, the order must be followed until such time a jurist modifies or terminates the order. If a party does not follow the order, he or she can be found in contempt of court.

How do I establish Paternity?

Paternity can be established in a number of ways.
  1. Both the mother and the father sign a paternity affidavit and register it with the Central Paternity Registry. The hospital were the child was born should have this affidavit.
  2. Initiate an administrative action through the Cuyahoga County Job and Family Services-Offices of Child Support Services). They are located at 1640 Superior Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114.
  3. File a paternity complaint in Juvenile Court.

How do I file for custody of a child?

A party can file a Complaint for the Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities or an application to determine custody. These forms are on the Juvenile Court web site and Juvenile Court Pro Se Clinic can assist in the preparation and filing of these forms.