Court Operations/Detention Services


The Court Operations Division consists of Detention Services, the Diagnostic Clinic, Information Services and the Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program.


Approximately 550 court staff are provided training and direct desktop and network support by Information Services’ staff.  Standard and ad hoc data and statistical reports are also produced.

Information Services provides ongoing iCase support to users via the iCase Help Desk.  In addition, on-site iCase training is provided to police and other outside agencies, utilizing the court’s new training facility located in the Juvenile Justice Center. 

Information Services personnel evaluate opportunities for technologies that expand the capacity of the Court’s information system.  Efforts are constantly made to deliver information to decision makers at critical events.  Staff closely monitor system performance and are quick to intervene when events occur that are outside the established performance measures.


The Diagnostic Clinic’s psychologists perform high quality forensic mental health evaluations on youth and/or families who have matters pending before the court.  In 2015, thirteen consulting psychologists who work at the court a minimum of one to as many as a dozen days each month, numerous interns and fellows and one psychometrist, completed approximately 700 evaluations.  In addition, the Court clinic provided competency attained services to a number of youth and numerous training workshops and presentations that were available to staff court-wide.  As a result of increased efficiencies, evaluations regarding youth, whether at home or in secure detention are now available to the court’s jurists within eighteen calendar days.

Detention Services

Detention Services administers the care of all juveniles in the secure detention continuum, including the Detention Center, Shelter Care, and Home Detention.

Vision Statement

Provide programming that will help juveniles take responsibility for choices that make them law-abiding in the community.

Mission Statement

Provide for the care, welfare, safety and security of all juveniles under the supervision of the Detention Services continuum with the support of community partnerships.