Home Detention

Is Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court’s GPS supervision unit. This unit provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year surveillance monitoring for all youth assigned to a GPS bracelet. Each youth ordered to Home Detention by a Judge or Magistrate will have their whereabouts monitored immediately upon their departure from the Juvenile Justice Center located at 9300 Quincy Ave Cleveland, OH 44106. While on Home Detention the youth is expected to adhere to all rules and regulations of the program. If the youth reside in an apartment complex or similar housing, they are not allowed access to the common areas of the apartment complex. All youth must be available for all phone calls and face-to-face interactions with Home Detention Officers, which may occur at any time during the day or night. During intake the youth and parent/guardian will provide the youth’s school information and hours. The youth is expected to attend school on time daily. Further, the youth is permitted to attend all medical appointments, religious services, court appearances, and probation appointments with 24 hours advance notice provided to the Home Detention Officer assigned for approval by the parent/guardian. The youth is permitted to work while on Home Detention with authorization by the Judge or Magistrate assigned to the case.  Any violation of the Home Detention contract could result in further corrective actions, such as remand to the Juvenile Justice Center Detention Center.


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