Clerk's Office Management Team


Linda Brooks, Director of the Clerk of Court                                                 (216) 698-4701


Montago Bradley, Clerk’s Office Staff Manager                                           (216) 443-6897


Lucy Rodriguez, Administrative Secretary                                                    (216) 698-2547


Joy Kenny, Senior Supervisor                                                                         (216) 698-4762 

Front Counter Clerks                                      

Telephone/Customer Service Clerks  


Process Servers                                                                


Sealing & Expungement

Mailroom/Attorney Mail

Returned Service                                                             

Anne Purdy, Senior Supervisor                                                                      (216) 698-4739

Case Initiation                                                                                                          

Motions and Pleadings/Service                                

Judicial Assignment                                                                       

Civil Protection Orders


Traffic – Magistrate Smerillo’s Case Management Clerk’s

Patricia McNear, Senior Supervisor                                                              (216) 698-4705

Case Management Clerks                                                                                           

Child Support – Establishment/Enforcement Courtrooms

Visiting Judge’s Courtroom        

Detention Center Arraignment Courtroom                                                          

Family/Juvenile Drug Court Courtroom

Emergency Custody

Traffic – Magistrate Amato’s Case Management Clerks

Traffic - Data Entry/Special Project

Ellen Grantham, Senior Supervisor                                                                    (216) 698-4707

Arrests (Child Support)                                                                                 


Journal Entries 

Scanning of Documents  and Records (Exhibits, etc.)                                                                                      

Child Support

Terminations/ Modifications/Lump Sums/etc.

File Requests – Information Retrieval     

Paternity Registry

Traffic – TVB, Phones, Kiosk