Probation Supervision Units

Supervisory Probation Officers are responsible for the ongoing monitoring of youth in the community. Supervisory Probation Officers conduct assessments and develop case plans with youth and families designed to lower the youth’s risk to reoffend and address any needs. Probation Officers are well-trained in the use of Effective Practices in Community Supervision (EPICS) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to engage youth and families. Probation Officers participate in a variety of activities with youth and families, including home visits, school visits, court hearings, and community and collateral contacts. Additionally, Probation Officers work closely with school officials, law enforcement, and community stakeholders to not only address problems and concerns but to also link families to their neighborhood and community to foster positive relationships. Probation Officers use a variety of graduated sanctions and rewards aimed at encouraging positive behavior and correcting negative behavior. The overarching goal of probation supervision is to provide interventions that identify and develop youth and family strengths while building supports to sustain and support positive change.


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