Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel is responsible for all legal and clerking functions, information services, and other activities necessary to ensure that court hearing processes are executed in a timely, economical, and all-inclusive manner.

Mission Statement

To administer justice, rehabilitate juveniles, support and strengthen families, and promote public safety.  

Our Judges

Intake and Diversion Unit

The Intake & Diversion Unit receives referrals from various sources including police departments, parents, citizens, stores, schools, court personnel, other courts, and government agencies with respect to juveniles alleged to be delinquent and/or unruly. This unit also handles some adult referrals where the juvenile court holds sole jurisdiction over those matters. Referrals are reviewed to determine jurisdiction and probable cause. Pursuant to Juvenile Rule 9, a determination is made as to whether the referral may be diverted or taken as an official filing. All decisions and judgments are made in accordance with unit guidelines and department standards. The Intake & Diversion Officers utilizes a wide array of diversion options and make every effort to exhaust all diversion options available prior to taking official action as the outcome. Intake & Diversion Officers manage the interview process to assess and implement the appropriate course of action on all referrals received including the handling of emergency and crisis situations. Intake & Diversion Officers select, recommend, and/or contact community resources to divert cases. Intake & Diversion Officers conduct mediation and informal hearings to resolve referrals.

Mission Statement

To review cases, provide timely intake dispositions on referrals, mediate conflicts, formulate thorough recommendations, appropriate interventions, and consequences with respect to juveniles alleged to be unruly and/or delinquent in accordance with Juvenile Rules 9 & 10 and Ohio Revised Code 2151 and 2152.

Overview of Diversion Options

Community Diversion Program (CDP)
First time misdemeanor and status offenders. Exceptions permitted to allow felony offenders in this program on a case-by-case basis. Operated within communities countywide where cases are heard by volunteer magistrates. Successful closure from the program is based upon completion of sanctions and no further court involvement for 12 months.

Court Unruly Program (CUP)
Status offender program (Incorrigible, Truant, Runaways). Assessments and Case Management via court contracts with community agencies. Typically, a four-month program may be extended based upon Medicare eligibility or necessity.

MED/INF – Mediation and/or Informal Inquiry/Conference
Juvenile Rule 9 Hearings/Conferences conducted by an Intake & Diversion Officer based upon eligibility, or necessity under current unit guidelines, or as court ordered by a judge and/or magistrate.

Parental Advisory Letter (PAL)
Utilized for misdemeanor and status offenses under specific criteria and Intake & Diversion Unit guidelines. Requires a call back from the parent/guardian acknowledging receipt of letter. During the communication with the parent/guardian, an assessment is made to determine if further Legal Counsel/programs may be helpful and/ or necessary.

Referral to Worker (RTW)
Some misdemeanor and status offenses are referred to a worker actively assigned to a child; such workers include Community Control Officer (CCO), Social Worker with DCFS, and Case Manager under contract with the Court. Only status offenses may be referred to the assigned prosecutor where there is a pending open delinquency case. Copies of the entire file packet are forwarded to the assigned worker to address with the child and parent and/or jurist in the case a referral to a prosecutor.

Disposed of at Intake (DOI)
Cases where no further action can be taken for reasons such as no jurisdiction, no probable cause, unable to locate due to bad address, complaint withdrawn by complainant etc…