Probation Services

Probation Services assigns and supervises court-ordered youth to participate in special services directed through probation staff.

Mission Statement

The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Probation Department empowers youth and families, builds a stronger and healthier community, and enhances public safety by collaborating with community partners to strengthen family relationships, habilitate juveniles, and reduce recidivism.


Early Intervention & Diversion Center


Diagnostic Clinic

The Diagnostic Clinic’s psychologists perform high quality forensic mental health evaluations on youth and/or families who have matters pending before the court.  In 2015, thirteen consulting psychologists who work at the court a minimum of one to as many as a dozen days each month, numerous interns and fellows and one psychometrist, completed approximately 700 evaluations.  In addition, the Court clinic provided competency attained services to a number of youth and numerous training workshops and presentations that were available to staff court-wide.  As a result of increased efficiencies, evaluations regarding youth, whether at home or in secure detention are now available to the court’s jurists within eighteen calendar days.